Visuales Nidra was born in Santiago de Chile in 2007, extending to Spain in 2009. We like to play with the reality, developing concepts based on the lucid dream. We create unique and original spaces looking for harmony and visual stimulation of the environment. We have become specialists in visual projetions, using differents techniques and softwares for developing video mapping and personalized 2D and 3D content.

In these moments we are also experiencing the interactivity of the image through the use of sensors. We are currently based in Madrid, Spain and in Santiago de Chile.

Fabiola Simonetti Visuales Nidra VJ NIDRA

Fabiola Simonetti (VJ NIDRA)
VJ – Video Mapping – Interactivity

Ari Agliati Visuales Nidra

Ari Agliati
VJ – Video Mapping – Photography

Soledad Bonnefont Visuales Nidra

Soledad Bonnefont (SOLE BO)
DJ – Motion Graphics – 3D



In 2007 Visuales Nidra was created by Ari Agliati, Franco Simonetti and Fabiola Simonetti. They start to work making video projections in different exhibition sites, where the realization of content and the mix of live images becomes the collective’s strength. Taking audiovisual “trips” to different types of parties, festivals and public art spaces, participating in festivals such as “Earthdance”, “Montemapu”, “Trancegenic”, “Urbanfest” and other highlights within the art and electronic music scene in Chile as “Club Laferia”, “El Clan” and the biennial of Videoarte de Valparaíso.

By the end of 2008, the group consolidates in Chile, making its first largescale video installation at the request of a Chilean Airline (currently Latam), under the brand concept “Let’s fly even higher”, creating an immersive astral trip in 180º for 4,000 people, using several video projectors with a watchout projection system.

In 2009 the collective extends its horizons to Spain, where one of its members moved. Where a second space of experimentation opens up that maintains the same central creative concept, which is the lucid dream. And it recruits more visual artists such as Soledad Bonnefont who brought new knowledge of design, animation and 3D. In Spain they settled in Madrid but working also in different cities in Europe, such as Barcelona, Málaga, Brussels and Ibiza.

In 2009 Visuales Nidra participates making video projections for the cultural events of “El Patio Maravillas” in Madrid and the visuals for the opening of the “XPERIMENTARTE” festival in Madrid. They also collaborated with oniric visuals for the film “Astral” (Dir. Enrique Olvera).

In 2011, through several workshops, the first videomapping tools were integrated into the video projections. Taking staging at a three-dimensional level, and making multiple micromapping installations, which evolved until 2016 where this has become one of the collective’s specialties. In Chile, making montages in different spaces such as “The Live Art Parties” of the W Santiago Hotel and the Sunshine Club, bringing its contents closer to the vast majority of spaces open to audiovisual culture and developing content for DJs from all over the world: Apollonia (France), Stefano Noferini (Italy), Cuartero (Spain), Luciano (Chile-Ibiza), Tini (Germany), Valentino Kanzyani (Slovenia) and Hot Since 82 (Uk).

In 2013 Visuales Nidra participated in the “10th edition of Barcelona VisualSound”, winning the 1st place prize of the jury with the video mapping work “El Ritual”.

Also that year, they are invited to give a video mapping workshop for the “New Media” class, at the Art Faculty of the Complutense University in Aranjuez, Spain.

From 2014 to date, Visuales Nidra begins to give intensive workshops of professional video-mapping for its creative application on architecture, scenarios and 3D objects, focused on people seeking to get into this technique, both in Chile and in different cities of Spain. In 2016 they make visuals and video mapping for “LOS ARTISTAS DEL BARRIO 2016” and “EXPOFIESTA SINTITULO IV” both in the Lavapiés neighborhood of Madrid. They make the video mapping for the closing of the “Festival of Contemporary Art ARTSUR 2016” and the visuals for the opening of the “Eutopía NOISE 2016 Festival”, both in Cordoba, Spain. They also made a video mapping installation for “La Noche en Blanco” in FABLAB, Malaga.

In February of 2017 Visuales Nidra makes the session of VJing for the official party of ARCOmadrid 2017. And in April performs the experimental installation of video mapping with 3 projectors and live kinect in the event DREAM FLOOR session#1 in Marseille, France.

In October Visuales Nidra organizes a Master Class of Video Mapping and a 3D Mapping and Interactivity – Video Showroom, in “El Paracaidista”, Madrid.

Since beginning of 2017 Visuales Nidra has its main office to Madrid, bringing together its main collaborators in a single creative studio where their research opens up new fields of fusion between art and technology. Opening a new study space managed by Fabiola Simonetti, through a working group called Interactivas in the technological and cultural research center Medialab Prado Madrid. In Medialab, the doors open to new technologies at the service of art, through interactive studies by sensors and programming, introducing themselves in interactive projections.

In 2018, by a desire to bring audiovisual content to a space less exclusive and more faithful their concepts, Visuales Nidra creates and produces its own sessions with important djs of the Madrid scene, where people can enjoy the live shows or through streaming broadcasts, where visuals and videomapping are the main element. From April of this year they create the concept of artistic parties with vintage style and feminist messages, called “La Madame sessions”. And from May they create the sessions of “ICARO”, a video mapping and visual production where they invite Djs from the Madrid scene to play into streaming live sessions, implementing tribal, native and shamanic symbolisms. Nowadays they are developing a new concept for immersive sessions of vijng and djing, called “Eternity”. This year they also started collaborating in the project “The Cosmic Serpent” produced by Guacamayo Tropical, in Madrid.

In 2019 they participated in the “Festival Art Sur 2019” with the video mapping work “From the Earth to the Cosmos” projected on the Church of the town La Victoria (Córdoba, Spain). They were selected as finalists for the “IV Festival de Luz y Vanguardias” of Salamanca with their artwork “Plastic Waltz” that was projected on the architecture of the town hall. That year they were also making video projections and post production of video clips in Austria (bands: Russkaja and Micky Mosa). And they were doing live sessions of VJ sets and Video Mapping at parties such as: FEMBASS 2019 (Madrid), Video Mapping at ICE Maintencillo (Chile), “ICARO” at La Palma Club (Madrid), “Africa Day” at Sala Caracol (Madrid), visuals and video mapping for Luciano at Club Momento (Marbella), Halloween Party at Sala Clamores and the “Artistic and Multicultural Encounter” in Casavieja (Ávila, Spain), among other events.