Visuales NIDRA

What we do / Services

Creating visuals since 2007

We are experts in video projections, video-mapping, motion graphics and interactivity for events. Currently we are based in Madrid, Spain and in Santiago de Chile.

We specialize in setting spaces, through: audiovisual installations, video mapping and creation of 2D and 3D animated content, seeking the harmony of the environment and the visual stimulation of the viewer.

We develop concepts based on the dreamlike perception of spaces, projections that transform reality, turning day to day into magic. We believe that working with light has the potential to become a journey that awakens the viewer’s subconscious.


It’s the live mix of visuals, developing a particular concept or theme, for parties, concerts and events.

The visuals are projected and mixed in situ, to the rhythm of the music.

Proposal of visuals for scenarios, LED screens, multiple projections and vjing on mapped structures in scenarios. Custom logos and artists projected simultaneously.

Video Mapping

It is the art of projecting images adapted to the shape of various surfaces or objects, creating motion effects or 3D volumes, giving rise to fantastic shows. You can create «magical life» within the space, using original supports to project.

The video mapping can be used both in outdoor and indoor shows, in large spaces and in small objects.

According its applications, we offer the following classification:

  • Mapping for atmospheres
  • Mapping for stage desing
  • Mapping on buildings

Motion Graphics

We create motion graphics and personalized 3D content, aesthetic and thematic continuity, both for video content, loops to project visuals and content for video-mapping.

We also offer edited videos to project into the screens of the space, ready to play continuously from a computer or pendrive.


We offer the development and programming of interactive audiovisual installations. We work with proximity sensors and motion sensors such as Kinect.

We program both image and sound that is interactive, that is, they are modified in real time according to the position or movement of the viewer.